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  • French Rider Awarness

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    We picked up this motorcycle awareness campaign from the French motorcycle magazine Moto mag.com which shows a motorcyclist in the rearview mirror of a motorist. The awareness campaign which will last for six months consists of a large poster displayed on the back of 30 lorries in Essonne, a French department in the region of Île-de-France just 40km South of Paris and throughout France. The slogan … Read More...

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BikeSafe dates for 2014 – PSNI Bikesafe rider skills assessment is the perfect introduction to skills on Hazard Awareness – Defensive Riding Technique – Junction Awareness – Cornering – Overtaking

We recognise that motorcyclists are a passionate breed, and care deeply about their bikes and the enjoyment they derive from them.

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  • Rider Risk Safety Videos

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    A ten part series of videos aimed at improving rider skills from the Motorcycle Council (MCC) of New South Wales (NSW) in Australia and funded by the NSW Government as part of a "Make Motorcycling Safer" partnership with the MCC of NSW. They are very informative and give sound … Read More...

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